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• Weekly guidance on effectively supporting students.
• Tailored to your curriculum.
• Directed by your students.


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My MD-to-Be is a Systematic Solution to Enhancing Student Wellness

Helps support givers understand the experience of medical school

"The "Studying and Memorizing in Medical School" is extremely helpful...These are things I have never been able to tell my family and I appreciate it coming from someone else. Thank you!"


Suggests ways for support givers to effectively support students

"The article is great. It helps me with ideas on how to help and what to expect during this time for medical students."

-Support Giver

Validates students' experience and helps them prepare for what is to come​

"I like that it was very accurate in describing my exam week experience."


Shows that the medical school prioritizes student wellness​

"The human side of medicine is equally important as the science. Love this inclusion in the curriculum."


Hi, I'm Dr. Eran Magen, Founder and CEO

After earning my Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University, I completed post-doctoral training in population health as a Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholar. After serving as the research director for the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Counseling and Psychological Services, I founded Early Alert to help reduce suicide and support the wellness of students, clinicians, and employees everywhere (LinkedIn).

"I like that it gives my loved ones more details about what I'm doing and how to support me when I may be too busy to give in depth explanations or feel weird about asking for support."
Medical Student

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